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Volume 35, No. 22

11/17/21 | Newsletter

“The Glad Neighborhood”Steve Graham In Will Campbell’s novel, The Glad River, three friends explore the meaning of love and community. They called their community, “the neighborhood.” Psalm 100 stands tall to...

Volume 35, No. 21

11/3/21 | Newsletter

"A Day of New Beginnings" All Saints Sunday will mark a day of new beginnings for Royal Lane. On this day, Sunday, November 7, 2021, the Royal Lane Columbarium Garden will be dedicated to God. This Garden offers a beautiful and warm setting for...

Volume 35, Issue 20

10/20/21 | Newsletter

"A Church is a Home for Love" William Sloane Coffin describes the church: “A church is a place where we try to think, speak, and act in God’s way, not in the way of a fear-filled world. A church is a home for love, a home for...

Volume 35, No. 19

10/6/21 | Newsletter

Building Life Together  The last year and a half has been quite a test of endurance for us all as we have faced ups and downs, along with unexpected turns individually, as families, and as a church congregation. With such urgent needs at...

Volume 35, No. 18

9/15/21 | Newsletter

From BPFNA - Bautistas por la PazBaptist Peace Fellowship of North America, Inc. Reflections on 9/11. The end of a long day… waiting for the light! Yesterday, I grabbed my cell to turn off the alarm and saw the date, I remembered...

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