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Volume 37, No. 2

1/19/23 | Newsletter

Why We Take Our Kids to Church -  I mentioned in my sermon last Sunday a post I read about the church losing its particularity. The essential point was: because God can be found anywhere, there's no need to go to church. You can find God in...

Volume 37, No. 1

1/4/23 | Newsletter

New Year, New Beginnings - What better time to start a new job than the first day of a new year? This is the season to be setting goals and intentions, hopes and dreams. As I sit in my new office, in my new chair, in my new role, I, too, find...

Volume 36, No. 23

12/7/22 | Newsletter

God, What Can We Imagine? - Carolyn Winfrey Gillette “God, What Can We Imagine?” lifts up the Servant Song found in Isaiah 42:1-9 and calls the church to think creatively about how we can join in God's work for peace and...

Volume 36, No. 22

11/16/22 | Newsletter

Advent 2022 The Mystery of Christmas from Godly Play curriculum Christ who has come is still coming. This is full of mystery. You know, a mystery is sometimes very hard to enter. That is why this time of Advent is so important. It helps us...

Volume 36, No. 21

11/2/22 | Newsletter

When are we? Garrett Vickrey In 1978 James Baldwin wrote, “All that can save you now is your confrontation with your own history… which is not your past, but your present.”  Ancient peoples thought of time as cyclical...

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