The Mosaic

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Volume 35, No. 2

1/20/21 | Newsletter

Where Are We Going? This year felt different than previous years as our nation celebrated and remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. There has been a transition of leadership in Washington. We watched in angst as a seditious riot took place at...

Volume 35, No. 1

1/6/21 | Newsletter

“The Blessed Light That Comes” The Rev. Jan Richardson has spoken many words of peace into my chaotic soul over the years. I love her deeply artistic faith. She is an artist, poet, author, and ordained minister. And she uses those...

Volume 34, No. 24

12/15/20 | Newsletter

A Masked World Dear Diary, What has happened to your pages? Blank pages…..blank sheets stare at me ……white pagesmy pen still full of ink….With nothing to say. My calendar has no plans my phone has failed to tell...

Volume 34, No. 23

12/2/20 | Newsletter

Random Fact of the Day: Hiraeth Social Media has been brutally negative for the past several years. More than once, I’ve wanted to sign out of Facebook permanently to preserve my mental and emotional wellbeing. I did take an extended...

Volume 34, No. 22

11/18/20 | Newsletter

Being Grateful When Life is Exhausting I have an ever-changing written to-do list on my desk in my home office. And I look at this list often as I try to keep up with all of the church tasks I have to do in between homeschooling our daughters...