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Volume 37, No. 3

2/9/23 | Newsletter

Silken Threads of Prayer - I’m not really sure how prayer works. Then again, is anyone? I watched an interview recently with Nadia Bolz-Weber who described prayer as a relay race, as opposed to an individual sport. Prayer, she said, is...

Volume 37, No. 2

1/19/23 | Newsletter

Why We Take Our Kids to Church -  I mentioned in my sermon last Sunday a post I read about the church losing its particularity. The essential point was: because God can be found anywhere, there's no need to go to church. You can find God in...

Volume 37, No. 1

1/4/23 | Newsletter

New Year, New Beginnings - What better time to start a new job than the first day of a new year? This is the season to be setting goals and intentions, hopes and dreams. As I sit in my new office, in my new chair, in my new role, I, too, find...

Volume 36, No. 23

12/7/22 | Newsletter

God, What Can We Imagine? - Carolyn Winfrey Gillette “God, What Can We Imagine?” lifts up the Servant Song found in Isaiah 42:1-9 and calls the church to think creatively about how we can join in God's work for peace and...

Volume 36, No. 22

11/16/22 | Newsletter

Advent 2022 The Mystery of Christmas from Godly Play curriculum Christ who has come is still coming. This is full of mystery. You know, a mystery is sometimes very hard to enter. That is why this time of Advent is so important. It helps us...

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