Music is an integral part of a church wedding. The following procedures are applicable for music scheduling and approval:

If either the piano and/or organ are used for the music portion of your ceremony, the church organist, or one of an approved list of organists, shall accompany your ceremony.

String quartets, a harpist, or other ensembles are very effective in the Royal Lane Sanctuary. If you have interest in enlisting musicians other than the organist for your ceremony, contact Harry Wooten or Janet Schultz.

All music for the wedding ceremony shall be in keeping with the sacred character and appropriate dignity of the wedding service. Only classical or sacred music will be used for ceremonies at Royal Lane. To this end, all music must have the approval of the Minister of Music at least six weeks in advance.


The steps you should follow regarding the keyboard music for your wedding are:

  • If you would like to utilize additional musicians (string quartet, trumpeter, harpist, etc.) you should quickly book those musicians.  As soon as possible, try to lock in your choices for soloist(s), trumpeter, string players, harpist, flautist, etc.  Many of the best musicians in our area are in high demand for wedding music.  If you would like the names and contact numbers of other musicians, contact Harry Wooten or Janet Schultz at RLBC as an updated musician list is maintained.
  • Begin attending other weddings or listening to wedding music tapes or CD’s (I have a couple that I lend out – there are some available at Christian bookstores as well) for ideas about the type of music you would like to have played/sung at your ceremony.
  • Two months prior to the wedding, contact RLBC to get the name and contact information for the organist that will perform for your wedding and make contact to set up a consultation meeting.
  • About one (1) month to six (6) weeks before the wedding, a consultation meeting will take place to discuss specifics.  If possible, you should have some idea of the ceremony layout the minister will be using – better yet, bring a copy of the ceremony program with you.  This will enable us to choose music that will “flow” with the officiant’s service.  Call a week or so ahead of time to make an appointment, usually held on Wednesday evenings from 6:00 – 7:15 pm.  Following the consultation, a “Wedding Music Listing” will be emailed to you for your approval and inclusion in your printing one.

The RLBC Organist/Keyboardist provides:

·         Consultation meeting with the bride/groom to discuss music selections (about six weeks prior to wedding).

·         List of selected music emailed for program or Wedding Book.

·         25-35 minute pre-wedding recital, processional, recessional, and any music during the wedding, including a pre-wedding rehearsal (approximately 1.5 hours before wedding on the Wedding Day) with soloists/instrumentalists.  (Note: This does not include the “teaching” of musical selections to soloists or instrumentalists.  If this is necessary, an additional per hour charge of $50 will be added.)

NOTE:  Organist does not attend wedding rehearsals.

All fees must be made payable to Royal Lane four months prior to the date of the ceremony.

If you have further questions about the music part of your ceremony, please do not hesitate to call Harry Wooten or Janet Schultz.

Janet Schultz, Wedding Assistant

E-mail:        [email protected]

Phone:        214.361.2809 ext. 10

Harry Wooten, Minister of Music & Worship

E-mail:        [email protected]

Phone:        214.361.2809 ext. 15


With the exception of an organ soloist, the bride and groom are at liberty to engage the services of anyone they desire.

NOTE:  It is highly beneficial to engage professional soloists to work with the organist or other accompanists.  Use of non-professional soloists may require extra time which will greatly increase the organist’s fees.  Soloist fees must be negotiated privately.


RLBC will provide a wireless microphone for the minister, microphones for soloist(s) and scripture reader(s), and will provide a sound technician.  No persons other than Royal Lane Baptist personnel are allowed to operate our sound system.  Pre-recorded tapes and/or CD’s are NOT permitted.


It is the bride and groom’s responsibility to provide ample music copies to the Minister of Music for approval, as well as for the organist or other musicians.  Photocopying music, unless it is under public domain or out of print, is against copyright laws and is not allowed.