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Volume 36, No. 2

1/19/22 | Newsletter

The Sky Is the Limit Steve Graham I want to share a story with you.  When you hear it; it will start working on you, I suspect like it has been working on me.  The story may very well be a fore-telling of the dance we will...

Volume 36, No. 1

1/5/22 | Newsletter

The Sunday after Epiphany Steve Graham Sunday we will gather on the Sunday after Epiphany to celebrate the Baptism of our Lord, and our Baptism! Luke states with simplicity that when all the people had been baptized Jesus was baptized, too. I...

Volume 35, No. 24

12/15/21 | Newsletter

The Coming of the Crèches by Cookie Stokes  A description of the Crèches on display in the windows of the Sanctuary West Window 1. This is a 1950’s vintage cardboard nativity from Theresa Helms in 2013. Theresa...

Volume 35, No. 23

12/1/21 | Newsletter

"Prayer for the Beloved Community" - Steve Graham   During worship last Sunday, Phil Keith, chair of the Pastor Search committee, thoughtfully asked for our prayers for the committee as they prepare to begin the search for a...

Volume 35, No. 22

11/17/21 | Newsletter

“The Glad Neighborhood”Steve Graham In Will Campbell’s novel, The Glad River, three friends explore the meaning of love and community. They called their community, “the neighborhood.” Psalm 100 stands tall to...

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