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Volume 33, No. 22

11/20/19 | Newsletter

God Has a Plan I often hear in ministry circles that God has a plan for everyone and everything. And although I get uncomfortable thinking that God is in control when evil and hurt is still very present in the world, I am sure that God’s...

Volume 33, No. 21

11/6/19 | Newsletter

You Have a Deacon!andEnthusiasm for Christ(From 10/31/2019 – Weekly Mosaic) In Acts 6, the Greek-speaking Jews complained to the Hebrew-speaking Jews that their widows were being neglected during the distribution of food and supplies. In...

Volume 33, No. 20

10/16/19 | Newsletter

Showing Up The Christian Community Development Association was in Dallas this year. Last week, a thousand fellow organizers and activists gathered downtown to spend a couple of days worshiping, networking, and learning from experienced...

Volume 33, No. 19

10/2/19 | Newsletter

Dancing with God I’ve seen an article making the rounds on social media about the positive effects dancing has on the brain. “As we grow older we suffer a decline in mental and physical fitness, which can be made worse by conditions...

Volume 33, No. 18

9/18/19 | Newsletter

Bring Your Kids to Church Bring your kids to church. I realize it’s going to be early without enough cups of coffee. I know there will be yawning and griping, both the kids and you. It’s ok if you are a little late, we will smile...