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Volume 36, No. 15

8/3/22 | Newsletter

Dear Royal Lane, After conferring with our deacon leadership, I am resolved that it has been a good year, and it is enough to say that together we have completed the time of our contract to work as pastor and people during the interim. The...

Volume 36, No. 14

7/20/22 | Newsletter

RLBC Church Profile  If you were a member of this church for twenty-five years and had served on a copious number of committees, had sung in the choir, been a deacon, started a Sunday School class, and attended church regularly, would you...

Volume 36, No. 13

7/6/22 | Newsletter

Celebration!Steve Graham August 5, 2022 is our 50th Wedding Anniversary! Jennifer and I were married on August 5, 1972. Just a little over two years later in 1974 we moved to Dallas to serve with you at Royal Lane! That was yesterday, but it is...

Volume 36, No. 12

6/15/22 | Newsletter

Being Bread for the Journey...Steve Graham In his book, Bread for the Journey, Henri Nouwen explores hospitality, the expression of love for our guests, on the one hand, but also and foremost an expression of love between the hosts. In other...

Volume 36, No. 11

6/1/22 | Newsletter

Pentecost and God’s SpiritSteven Graham “You know, I have discovered there are only two good reasons why anybody should be here this morning,” said Reverend Johnny Ray Youngblood, pastor of the Saint Paul Community Baptist...

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