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Volume 35, No. 21

11/3/21 | Newsletter

"A Day of New Beginnings" All Saints Sunday will mark a day of new beginnings for Royal Lane. On this day, Sunday, November 7, 2021, the Royal Lane Columbarium Garden will be dedicated to God. This Garden offers a beautiful and warm setting for...

Volume 35, Issue 20

10/20/21 | Newsletter

"A Church is a Home for Love" William Sloane Coffin describes the church: “A church is a place where we try to think, speak, and act in God’s way, not in the way of a fear-filled world. A church is a home for love, a home for...

Volume 35, No. 19

10/6/21 | Newsletter

Building Life Together  The last year and a half has been quite a test of endurance for us all as we have faced ups and downs, along with unexpected turns individually, as families, and as a church congregation. With such urgent needs at...

Volume 35, No. 18

9/15/21 | Newsletter

From BPFNA - Bautistas por la PazBaptist Peace Fellowship of North America, Inc. Reflections on 9/11. The end of a long day… waiting for the light! Yesterday, I grabbed my cell to turn off the alarm and saw the date, I remembered...

Volume 35, No. 17

9/1/21 | Newsletter

Hurricane Ida Update  We continue to pray for those who have been affected by Category 4 Hurricane Ida and those still in the path of this now, tropical storm. We serve a generous network and many are ready to serve. I have spoken to Kyle...

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