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Volume 34, No. 11

6/3/20 | Newsletter

Giving Life through Blood and Food Dallas County reported 257 new COVID-19 cases and 16 deaths on Tuesday of this week, a record high for both of those figures. For reference, the previous record high of new cases was 253 with 14 deaths. Where do...

Volume 34, No. 10

5/20/20 | Newsletter

Saddling Up Anyway During a recent conversation, church member and dear friend, Carol Barger, reminded me of a John Wayne quote – “Courage is being scared to death and saddling up anyway.” It feels as if we need a lot of...

Volume 34, No. 9

5/7/20 | Newsletter

Alley Hiking, Kicking Rocks, and Feeding Ducks What activities have you been doing during this time of sheltering in place and being at home? Have you been walking more, eating more, or reading more? Have you found the time to tackle those home...

Volume 34, No. 8

4/21/20 | Newsletter

A Letter to a Church in Crisis A follower of Jesus wrote a letter to struggling Christians and regional churches in crisis. To me, the letter sounds a lot like what we have been doing as ministers in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. No...

Volume 34, No. 7

4/8/20 | Newsletter

Who Are We in the Midst of a Crisis? It’s been a rough Lent. Not only has our world and our way of meeting together as a people of God been flipped on its head, but I have decided to stick with the sermon series of “Traveling...