Stewardship 2021

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You will receive a verification of your pledge once it has been processed.  If an email address is provided, it will be sent to that address.  Otherwise, it will be sent to the street address provided or the address on record in the church office. You can tithe by cash, check, credit card, or by setting up auto payment through your banking institution or the church office at (214) 361-2809, ext. 11.

Please contact the church office if you would like to give stock or a gift of an appreciated asset.

The Ties That Bind

How do we start thinking about planning for next year when so many of us are struggling with the hardships and realities of 2020? How do we plan when we do not know what to expect? When will we meet in person again as a church family? These are questions on many of our minds. We answer them through some combination of prayer, faith, hope, courage, anxiety, and (most importantly) love.

It is important to know that we are all going through these emotions and this uncertainty together as a church family. We are not physically together, but we are bound together in our love of God, our love for each other, and our commitment to love everyone in our world, especially the least fortunate.

Our stewardship theme for this year is “The Ties That Bind”. We are bound together by many aspects of our lives even though we cannot be physically together every Wednesday night and Sunday morning. We are grateful for all the ways our ties have not changed due to COVID-19. As a church community we continue to care for the vulnerable and those who struggle with chronic health issues. We reach out to the elderly. We teach our children. We worship virtually. And we help each other in hard times.

Thank you for stepping up in such important ways over this extremely challenging year. You have continued to faithfully offer your time and resources to help strengthen those ties that bind us together. And your continued giving has kept our church community strong.

As we begin planning for next year, we are now asking that you make your 2021 financial commitment by October 31st so that the division chairs can begin budgeting and planning programming for next year. Although stewardship will look a little different this year, your commitment to this community will continue to help our church thrive and fulfill its mission.