Stewardship 2022

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You will receive a verification of your pledge once it has been processed.  If an email address is provided, it will be sent to that address.  Otherwise, it will be sent to the street address provided or the address on record in the church office. You can tithe by cash, check, credit card, or by setting up auto payment through your banking institution or the church office at (214) 361-2809, ext. 11.

Please contact the church office if you would like to give stock or a gift of an appreciated asset.

Building Life Together

The last year and a half has been quite a test of endurance for us all as we have faced ups and downs, along with unexpected turns individually, as families and as a church congregation. With such urgent needs at the forefront, it could be easier to push discussions about stewardship to a back burner. However, as we look ahead with hope, may we consider Henri Nouwen's words,

     When we seek to raise funds we are not saying, "Please, could you help out 
     because lately it's been hard." Rather, we are declaring, "we have a vision that is
     amazing and exciting. We are inviting you to invest yourself through the
     resources God has given you - your energy, your prayers, and your money - in the
     work to which God has called us." - Henri Nouwen, The Spirituality of Fund-Raising.

This is the invitation Royal Lane is providing through annual stewardship - inviting each congregant to be a part in the way they can.

This year, our theme is Building Life Together.

As part of the stewardship campaign that will take place in the coming weeks throughout October, you will be invited to take home a building block to place in your car, on a window sill, by a mirror, etc. to serve as a tangible reminder of your piece in building life together. As part of the stewardship campaign in worship, we will reflect on the following, but hope that you will also reflect on these questions yourself.

Reminding of our Foundation - how has Royal Lane been important for me and my family in the midst of the pandemic? How has God been evident in my life during these challenging times?
Reassessing our own toolkits - what thoughts, values, gifts, strengths do I have? What areas can I build in my own life?
Renewing as we Rebuild - what ways can I commit to be a part, both financially and through service, as we build in this next season of our church?

We are asking that you complete your 2022 commitment card by the end of October so the various division chairs can begin planning programming and budgets for next year.

With hope ahead, will you join with us in Building Life Together?