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Volume 36, No. 5

3/2/22 | Newsletter

My Lenten Resolves

The pattern of “giving up” something for Lent has long been a symbol of penitence and personal piety during the season. This year, in concert with the Racial Justice Team initiatives we are suggesting you ADD something to your Lenten experiences that furthers your personal and corporate understanding of and response to racism.

As a prompt the Racial Justice Team will be providing thought provoking questions for you to consider, along with educational and inspirational resources; books, podcasts, articles, videos, etc. These will be listed on the Lenten Resolves page each week in the order of worship. This will be an organic “growing” list of resources which will be available on our website.

Additionally, the Racial Justice Team has been interviewing members of our congregation who were involved in early Royal Lane efforts for social and racial justice. Transcripts of these interviews will also be available each week.

Please consider these matters of the heart and soul as you journey thru this season of Lent.