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Volume 36, No. 14

7/20/22 | Newsletter

RLBC Church Profile 

If you were a member of this church for twenty-five years and had served on a copious number of committees, had sung in the choir, been a deacon, started a Sunday School class, and attended church regularly, would you expect that you knew our church well? Of course, you would! And that is exactly what my response would be a few months ago before I was asked by Terry Berrier to be part of a team of four who would create a new church profile for the prospective pastoral candidates who we’re soon interviewing.

You may have received a phone call from me as I called over 100 people to update our church membership list. I also helped to write a few revised sections and edited the final draft. Shannon Miller, even in her final stages of pregnancy (!), compiled the interesting church survey and then helped to solicit 137 responses—an amazing feat. Scott Bryant worked assiduously to revise several of the sections and then competently put together the entire document—complete with new pictures. And Margaret Darden, our excellent leader, filled in so many of the gaps as she ensured that all the information we needed was collected and inspired our team to keep progressing. I am not one who relishes committee work, but I told our team several times that if every committee worked as efficiently and harmoniously like ours did, I sure would say “yes” to committee work more often!

We have SO much of which to be proud. In addition to reading the interesting responses to the church survey questions, I learned about our rich history and the many activities that occur each month. I learned about our financial history and how our church is governed. I learned about parts of our church that I was so blind to but am grateful for, especially at this important chapter in our church history.

Now, as we are at the beginning of a new and exciting chapter, you may want to know more about who we’ve been, who we are, and what we hope to continue to be. To do this, simply open the Church Profile link on the About Us section of our church website and read away; I suspect that you will be happy you did.

Christine Nicolette-Gonzalez