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Volume 35, No. 10

5/19/21 | Newsletter

Note: For this week’s focus article, we are sharing one of the homilies from Youth Sunday. Over the next few weeks or months, we hope to “surprise” you with the remaining homilies from our youth.

Youth Sunday Homily, Jasmine Parrish

We’re currently living in an uncertain and almost daunting world where life has completely turned our lives upside down. Life during Covid has affected us in numerous ways, and yet I know that God is good. The first scripture that comes to mind when thinking about this past year would be Philippians chapter 4: verse 13, “I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” This pandemic has ruthlessly stolen the lives of many leaving families to wonder if there is a God who truly loves them. Throughout all of this, many have questioned where God could be found through the clouds of madness and destruction. My answer to you would be that he is still here. He never left.

Senior year has been the craziest year with music auditions, competitions, preparing for college and an overwhelming amount of homework. I have found myself thinking if it is all worth it. I know that preparation meets opportunity, but motivation has been hard to come by these days. However, I know that I can do ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST THAT STRENGTHENS ME.  That’s the only way to get through it. I tend to stay to myself while feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders to produce good grades all while using the virtual learning space. With college being the number one goal for months, I’ve kept hope alive. My parents often remind me that God is with me through every step of the way even when I feel lost and afraid. 

In John Chapter 20 verse 27, it states, “Then he said to Thomas, Put your finger here; see my hands. Reach out your hand and put it into my side. Stop doubting and Believe!” Countless parents have lost their jobs due to COVID. Millions lost power due to the winter storm in February. To say many are blessed would be an understatement. I’ve seen firsthand negativity spreading in our society. Poverty has risen to unprecedented levels and children are not getting the proper education through a pandemic all while still having to do standardized tests etc. The people in charge need a reality check. I’m blessed to be standing here along with my family members, but we have to recognize that our struggles may not look the same.

This pandemic has taught me that through it all, God is still with us. We cannot see God, but we have to find peace that he is indeed with us through every storm. We must know that this too shall pass. Through every disappointment is a new redirection. Through every denial is a new stop towards something amazing. God knows what we are capable of. If we are brave enough to work together, we could live in harmony. Our selfish ideals cloud us from seeing the pressing issues that face our world daily. Our lack of moving in the ways of God has set us back from walking with God and living the life he has intended for us to live. 

As I conclude this sermon, I will leave you with this message, God is GOOD. In the midst of uncertainty, God is GOOD. Covid has taken away experiences but brought me closer to understanding what it means to be a Christian. This is how I KNOW that GOD IS GOOD.