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Volume 34, No. 18

9/16/20 | Newsletter

A friend and colleague, Rev. Amy Moore, former Senior Pastor at John Calvin Presbyterian Church on Royal Lane and interfaith leader in Dallas, posted this article on her blog recently. It speaks profoundly to what we are feeling as a people of God in the midst of societal change. She gave me permission to print this as the feature article this week. I pray we have ears to hear, eyes to see, and murmuring in our hearts.

Pastor Mike

What Am I Murmuring?

News of the week disheartens me. Currents of injustice, inequality, accusations. Defensiveness and hate. It seems all too pervasive to change, to have a goal and go after it, determined to create something new. Then again, maybe it is all in the approach - or so I learned from watching starlings. I invite you to take 2 minutes (literally) of silence to watch this wonder-full dance - A Bird Ballet 

Defined, synchronized patterns. Swooping and swirling in beautiful unison. And there is no single leader directing what seems to be an orchestrated dance. I learned that each single starling is in energetic connection with 7 of its neighbors, and each of those 7 with 7 more. Each one sharing its energy with those around it, 7+7+7…until an entire flock (a phenomenon called ‘murmuration') is unified in motion. The movement is not created by a choreographed goal. The shape emerges organically as each bird murmurs in connection with those around it. Each one IS the goal that spreads throughout the flock as it moves dynamically with the currents.

Be the change you wish to see in the world, Gandhi murmured. Gandhi lived nonviolence. People followed and a movement grew in the current of the day. Follow me, Jesus murmured. Jesus lived the fullness of Love and walked the way of peace and there were many who followed him. (I need a sidebar here, a "reminder to self". Jesus never said, “worship me.” That’s too easy. Worship a leader and then go do as I please? But follow me, that’s a whole different story!) Jesus’ way became a movement, through practicing what he preached and building relationships, and bringing healing. Jesus was the change he wished to create in the world. Love and Life. Rather than go after a goal or worship one, he lived the goal. 

 Rev. Amy Moore