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Volume 34, No. 1

1/8/20 | Newsletter

A New Year with New Ways to Connect

As we enter a new year, we need each other now more than ever. I am grateful for a passionate and purposeful community of faith that wants to grow people and change this city for the better. I pray this will be a year where Royal Lane members grow closer to one another, share our celebrations and burdens, and find ways to impact our city with the peace of the gospel.

Here are several ways for us to stay connected in this new year:

Deacon Ministry Group – Every member and regularly attending visitor has been placed in a Deacon Ministry Group with an assigned deacon. That deacon should have reached out to you by now as an initial introduction. It is our hope that your assigned deacon will stay connected with you and find ways to care for your needs. If you are a regularly attending guest of Royal Lane and feel you have not been placed in a Deacon Ministry Group, please contact me and we will get you into a group. This is an important way for you to receive updates about the activities of Royal Lane and also have a point of contact with the ministers and staff of the church in order to receive care and prayers.

Website and Livestream – As you know, RLBC recently transitioned to a beautiful and vibrant new website. I hope you have had an opportunity to scan the website and see all of the ways you can stay connected to the ministries and events of Royal Lane. The homepage is wonderfully organized with links to our new livestream, sermons and services, wedding information, a place to make your online donation, and upcoming events. The entire site is easy to navigate. I hope you take a few moments to visit our website at and also check out our YouTube channel for livestream recordings.

Ekklesia360 Database – Since the improvement of our website, the church staff and Technology Committee found value in utilizing the same company that created our website to manage our membership directory and database. By using the same company, Ekklesia360, we can better integrate our database, website, calendars, and ways to give. In this new year, we have already transitioned from our previous database, Realm, to the new database, Ekklesia360. Our new database has an app for you to download onto your phone or tablet. The name of the app is Ekklesia e360 ChMs. If you need the website for the database, it is Once your profile is created on Ekklesia360, you will have access to a membership directory, your committees and groups, and your financial and contribution records. Ekklesia360 is an easy and accessible way to connect with the people and programs of Royal Lane.

Pastor Mike