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Volume 35, No. 11

6/2/21 | Newsletter

Returning to Worship Guidelines Dear Royal Lane Family, Before returning to in-person worship June 6th, the Re-Opening Committee would like to remind you of our recommended safety measures.  Because each of us are still vulnerable to the...

Volume 35, No. 10

5/19/21 | Newsletter

Note: For this week’s focus article, we are sharing one of the homilies from Youth Sunday. Over the next few weeks or months, we hope to “surprise” you with the remaining homilies from our youth. Youth Sunday Homily, Jasmine...

Volume 35, No. 9

5/5/21 | Newsletter

Savior, Like a Shepherd We celebrated Earth Day a couple of weeks ago in worship and Harry Wooten visited Sister Grove Farm and recorded Rev. Sarah Macias giving the sermon in front of the pasture with sheep and dogs in the background. Harry...

Volume 35, No. 8

4/21/21 | Newsletter

What the World Needs Now (excerpt from Pastor Mike’s upcoming May 2 sermon) Does your life have a soundtrack? Often, The Beatles, Paul Simon, or John Denver provide a backdrop to my life. I hear songs in my head that help me make...

Volume 35, No. 7

4/7/21 | Newsletter

While We Waited We waited. Our Lenten and Easter theme this year was “I Wait.” We waited throughout as Jesus journeyed to the cross, was placed in the tomb, and rose from the clutches of death. We’ve also waited for an entire...

Volume 35, No. 6

3/17/21 | Newsletter

We Keep On We wait a lot these days. It feels as if everything ground to a halt a year ago when the pandemic quarantine went into effect. Over the course of the pandemic, we’ve waited for the curve to be flattened, the weather to change...

Volume 35, No. 5

3/3/21 | Newsletter

Measuring a Year I’ve had a particular song in my head recently. It’s from the Broadway musical Rent. I’m sure it will be in your head after reading the lyrics. “525,600 minutes, 525,000 moments so dear. 525,600 minutes -...