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Grace Enough . . . To Cook with Gourmet Chef Garey Wisdom 

Several decades ago Royal Lane had bake sales to raise money for missions and other projects. The story was that Garey Wisdom’s pecan pies were so popular that they never made it into the church doors before they were purchased. Cookie Stokes thinks that they sold for $30 to $50 apiece at a Missions Auction.

At another Missions Auction Garey and Linda Hueston offered a full dinner to be served at the home of Garey and Brad Carter. The bidding was so competitive that emcee, Joey Belgard, called Garey to see if he would offer TWO separate dinners. He did. One dinner was “won” by Harlan and Carol Bilton with Wayne and Melinda Huff. The other dinner was “won” by Jim and Chris Berry and Tex Quesada, who was just starting to date Jan Granowski. The missions budget profited doubly. When serving the dinner Garey wore a white shirt and a red bow tie. The bow tie belonged to his dog Teddy.

Garey’s reputation as a chef and entertainer rivals that of other famous cooking programs. His program for Women of the Church and was recorded for the enjoyment of some who could not attend. The pie was delicious!
Pecan Pie Video