Columbarium Garden

For many centuries, cemeteries were commonly found in churchyards. However, in urban communities today, this is no longer practical. A modern alternative is the Columbarium Garden, which allows church members, their families, and loved ones to have their enduring resting place surrounded by the Church. It fulfills the Church's mission to oversee the spiritual life of its congregation, from baptism through life to death.

What is a columbarium?

A columbarium is a permanent structure with niches or compartments designed to hold the urns containing the ashes of loved ones.

Royal Lane Baptist Church is blessed to have a Columbarium available to its members and loved ones. The RLBC Columbarium has 80 niches in the 1st phase and will add an additional 80 in the 2nd phase. Each niche holds two urns.

The RLBC Columbarium is nestled in a lovely garden between the Cunningham Arcade, the Sanctuary, and the Library.

What are the benefits of a columbarium?

It is a Spiritual Site that affords Church members, their families, and loved ones the opportunity to have their final resting place surrounded by their Church and faith community, which has been a central part of their lives.

Simplicity of Planning - it eliminates the pressures of choosing a burial site, casket, vault, and monument. Also, there is no need to plan for interment and memorial services at different locations. Cost - the cost is significantly less. Possible tax benefits if you pay with IRA Minimum Distribution (RMD) funds.

how do I purchase a niche?

Call the Church office at 214-361-2809, ext. 11 or email  for an application. Once the application is approved, a certificate covering inurnment ownership rights will be sent to the purchaser.

What is included in the fee?

The fee for a niche is $3,500. This fee includes 2 urns, an engraved plaque with names and dates of birth and death of those inurned in a niche, and the opening and closing of the niche when needed. The fee does not cover the cost of cremation.

Additional Purchases & Contributions  

  • Garden Teak Bench - $3,000 (with plaque)
  • Honor/Memory Brick - $250 (engraved to honor or in memory of loved one)
  • 6' Nellie R. Stevens Holly Tree - $1,500 (with plaque and planted along the north side of the Cunningham Arcade)
  • Contributions to construction of the Columbarium Garden - you can donate to purchase a tree, bush, entry arch, other landscape elements OR to support the purchase of a niche for a church member who may not be able to afford the total cost.

All contributions, except purchase of a niche, are considered a donation to the Royal Lane Baptist Church Columbarium Garden. 


Yes, niche assignments are allocated in accordance with the desires of each applicant on a first-come first-served basis.