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Volume 35, No. 23

12/1/21 | Newsletter

"Prayer for the Beloved Community"
 - Steve Graham

  During worship last Sunday, Phil Keith, chair of the Pastor Search committee, thoughtfully asked for our prayers for the committee as they prepare to begin the search for a pastor.

May this be our prayer as the beloved community during this Advent season!

What life have we, O God, if we have not life together.
Thank you, Lord, for we value the life we share.
Our life together is a good gift.
Never are we more alive than
     when we are searching, and discovering, and living together.
Thank you for a place to become all that you have called us to be;
    a place where we might give our lives back to You.

Lord, we confess there is no life not lived in community.
We really do need you and each other,
We long for you to be born in us,
     and we know that if we are to give birth to community,
     we must empty ourselves and risk loving unconditionally.

We offer our praise to you, O Lord,
For there is no community not lived in praise of God.
May our lives be gifts of praise to You.
Grant us wisdom and courage, but most of all compassion
     for the challenges which are set before us.
As we day, so may our strength be.

 We praise you, O God of peace, love and joy,
     and pray in the name of the Christ Child
     who brings us all together. Amen.

Words in bold print are borrowed from T.S. Elliot
Words in italics are my favorite translation of Deuteronomy 33:25