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Volume 36, No. 2

1/19/22 | Newsletter

The Sky Is the Limit

Steve Graham

I want to share a story with you.  When you hear it; it will start working on you, I suspect like it has been working on me.  The story may very well be a fore-telling of the dance we will do as progress continues to be made on the reconstruction of our youth and children’s building. Let us give our prayers and support to our leadership as they give guidance to these important days!

In the year 1831, it seems, a church in New England was repaired and several new additions were made.  One of them was a new steeple with a bell in it, and once it was set in place and painted, an extraordinary event took place.  “When the steeple was added,” Howard Mudgett writes in his history, “one agile Lyman Woodward stood on his head in the belfry with his feet toward heaven.”

In his book The Clown in the Belfry, Frederick Buechner says, “That’s the one and only thing I’ve been able to find out about Lyman Woodard, whoever he was, but it is enough.  I love him for doing what he did.  It was a crazy thing to do. It was a risky thing to do...It was a magical and magnificent thing to do.”

Well, our church history is being written now. Wouldn’t it be great, if some day all they can find out about us is that we believed the sky is the limit.