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Volume 36, No. 13

7/6/22 | Newsletter

Steve Graham

August 5, 2022 is our 50th Wedding Anniversary! Jennifer and I were married on August 5, 1972.

Just a little over two years later in 1974 we moved to Dallas to serve with you at Royal Lane! That was yesterday, but it is hardly gone. We are still very much encouraged by your initiatives to be a gracious people.

Though our anniversary date is not until August, we will travel next week with family and friends to Santa Fe, New Mexico. On Saturday night, July 16, we will share a celebration dinner at Rancho de Chimayo in Chimayo, NM. Many years ago we dined at this restaurant while on a mission trip with a wonderful group from RLBC! We have valued our memories of that evening.

This Sunday, July 10th, after worship we plan to begin our travel and our celebration.

I’m grateful that Rick Carpenter and Charles Johnson will preach on July 17th and 24th.

I will return to Dallas on July 25.