Missions Matters

Assisting Refugee Children at the Border

Over the past month, Blake Perry collected donations for his Eagle Scout project to help refugee children at the border.  He asked for new children’s clothing, shoes, and toiletries to help these families as they transition to living in the US.  Thank you to all of our members who brought much-needed supplies for these vulnerable children.

Blake Perry from RLBC Media on Vimeo.


Rick Crutcher and Resounding Harmony

“Our mission is to enrich and effect change in our community through benefit performances for worthy causes…and by the worth, dignity and equality of each human being through the harmony created.”

Rick Crutcher is a member of our choir at Royal Lane. But that is not the only place he shares his voice. Rick is a member of a local choir, Resounding Harmony. This choir is unique in that its purpose is to use the gift of song to benefit local charities. Their motto is “giving where we’re living”. Each year they present at least two concerts benefiting local charities. Previous beneficiaries have included North Texas Food Bank, Parkinson’s Voice Project, The Family Place, and the Wounded Warrior Project. In 2018, they celebrated 10 years of giving a total of $175,000.

Rick has discovered that singing with this group for the past two years has been very enriching, fulfilling and joyful. He loves that it benefits the quality of life of communities in the DFW area. His volunteering involves weekly Sunday rehearsals 10 months each year, and benefit concerts.

Resounding Harmony has 2 choral benefits scheduled this year.

June 8-9, 2019 – The Birthday Party Project
This organization brings joy to homeless children through the magic of birthday parties. Suzie Humphries (KRLD) will emcee.

September, 2019 – Blackland Prairie Raptor Center – Lucas, Texas
Enables environmental preservation through the conservation of birds of prey and wildlife. Birds, owls, eagles, and hawks are rescued, receive medical care and returned to their natural habitat to live out the remainder of their lives.

If you are interested in learning more about this unique choir, visit resoundingharmony.org, attend a concert, or talk to Rick. You can always find him on Wednesday evenings and Sunday mornings.

Posted by Karen Miller