Adult Education Sunday School Classes

The Christian Education ministry at Royal Lane is not merely another facet of our Church program. It is essential to our mission as a church. It is through our educational ministry that we seek better understanding of our own faith and growth as a community of Christ-followers.

Class Room# Instructor Curriculum
Faith Formations 202 Jack Mullinax & John Helms The Formations Sunday School class is made up of a group of kind and caring adults of all ages where class members willingly share tidbits of their own faith journey and seek opportunities to grow in their faith. We study the bible with the assistance of the Formations Study Materials published by Smyth & Helwys.

February 2018 will be a 4-week study in Hebrews, which envisions the life of faith not merely as a set of beliefs but also – and more importantly – as a journey toward God. This journey begins in Christ, moves forward by faith, endures many trials, and finds completion in God’s perfect rest.

March 2018 will be a 5-week study in Matthew. As we make our way toward Easter, we’ll follow Jesus as he teaches and heals. By following Jesus on his journey to Jerusalem and by learning as we go, we will walk with the disciples and the gathering crowds to experience Jesus’ teaching and healing ministry, his entry into Jerusalem, his death and ultimately his resurrection.

April 2018 will be a 4-week study in Acts. The Lenten season has just ended and we now enter into the Easter season, when we reflect on our new life in Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, both individually and congregationally. During this period, we will examine the life of Barnabas. Little attention is usually given to Barnabas, because his story is overshadowed by the story of the more famous disciple Paul. However, one could argue that Barnabas played a key role in mentoring and vouching for Paul in the earliest days of his apostolic career.

Foundation Stones Portable 1 Scott Bryant February 4 – May 20, 2018. Sixteen week overview of some of the basic beliefs of the Christian faith. The lessons are approached from a Scriptural standpoint in order to give you the tools and information to inform your own beliefs and understanding of our faith. This is not a dogma and doctrine class!

Topics that will be covered include: The Bible, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, The Church, Salvation, Missions and Evangelism, Sanctification, Worship, Creation, Good and Evil, and Angels.

Questors 204 Nancy Ferrell The Questers Adult Sunday School class is studying Reading John for Dear Life written by our own, Jamie Clark-Soles.  According to the author, the Gospel of John is not a chronological or biographical gospel, but a Spiritual gospel.  During the study you will be invited to discover your own Spiritual walk and encouraged to read part of the text and related scripture as preparation for our study each week.  Come join us and expect to be transformed in community with the rest of us! If you would like a book, contact  Nancy K. Ferrell.
Prayer Place 206 Kristene Ruddle The Prayer Place began a new Study on January 8, 2017.  We are studying Praying the Names of God by Ann Spangler.  There are 26 names of God.  Each name is covered by a 5-day devotional using scriptures and reflection.  We may spend 2 weeks on a chapter if needed.  You do not have to have the book to join in the discussion.
Canterbury Class 208 Dennis Turnbull The Faiths of our Fathers by Alf J. Mapp, Jr. and The Faiths of the Founding Fathers by David L. Holmes.

We will begin with a lookback, starting at the challenges of the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD and follow the major turning points and historical events influencing the faiths of our forefathers.

Alternative Gathering 210 Tex Quesada Studies of lectionary texts & service projects
Royal Welcome Library Bettie Meachum & Mike Jones Multi-week introduction to our church (scheduled as needed).