Adult Education Sunday School Classes

The Christian Education ministry at Royal Lane is not merely another facet of our Church program. It is essential to our mission as a church. It is through our educational ministry that we seek better understanding of our own faith and growth as a community of Christ-followers.

Class Room# Instructor Curriculum
Formations 202 Jack Mullinax & John Helms This class is designed to help participants study Scripture seriously within the contest of the larger Christian tradition and, through the process, find their faith renewed and strengthened. The class enjoys open discussions which create a venue for participants to express their faith while respecting the views of other classmates

In January, using various tests from Mark, the class will consider “Jesus Ministry to the World.” For their February study, the class will look at texts from the various Books of Law as they take a look at the beginning of God’s relationship with the people of Israel.

Foundation Stones Portable 1 Scott Bryant Class members range in age from college students to senior adults. Members come to the class from a variety of faith backgrounds. The goal of the class is to help members move to a deeper knowledge and understanding of the principles and truths which form the foundation of our Christian faith.

January 6th, the class will begin a quest to read Biblical events in the historical order in – which they happened. Over the next 15 months, each week’s readings will be accompanied by a 7 – 10-minute animated video to unlock hidden meanings and give thought-provoking background information.

Questers 204 Nancy Ferrell The class is made up of a cross section of church members. The class culture is one of dialogue and questioning. The class reviews books and topics of interest and reflect on them for the purpose of applying new insights to our Christian journey. Most often the class uses book studies to spark conversation.

In January and February, the class will continue the study of Richard Rohr’s book, Naked Now which explores ways of thinking beyond dualities to living in the present. Drawing from the Gospels, Jesus, Paul, and Christian contemplatives, the book reveals many hidden truths of Christianity misunderstood or lost and explores how to read them with the eyes of the mystics rather than with the eyes of rational thought.

Prayer Place 206 Kristene Ruddle The class seeks to be inclusive and welcome folks of all ages and genders. (A quick peek into the class might lead one to believe it to be an all-women’s class; but, guys, you are welcome.) A portion of each class is devoted to sharing prayer concerns and answers to prayers.

Currently, the Prayer Place Sunday School Class is using the book Amazing Power for Everyday People by Susan Rohrer, to spark their discussions. This study is a continuation of the theme of the Women of the Church Retreat in May 2018, “Gifts and Grace: Cultivating Love within Community”, utilizing Finding Your Spiritual Gifts Inventory.

Canterbury Class 208 Sylvia & Dennis Turnbull Class members select, read, and discuss books and authors who have diverse theological ideas and opinions.

Currently the class is discussing The Faiths of our Fathers by Alf J. Mapp, Jr. and The Faiths of the Founding Fathers by David L. Holmes. The group will begin with a lookback, starting with the challenges of the First Council of Nicaea in 325 AD and follow the major turning points and historical events influencing the faiths of our forefathers.

Non-Traditional Family Hall Tex Quesada The class of five to ten individuals engages people in all age groups and backgrounds – some are brand new Christians, others have been in the church for many years.

The class uses the Revised Common Lectionary as its text. Readings for up-coming class sessions may be found at

Royal Welcome Library Bettie Meachum & Mike Jones Multi-week introduction to our church (scheduled as needed).