Ways to Give

Planned Giving

Royal Lane Baptist Church gladly receives endowment gifts, memorial gifts and other special gifts for designated causes. The links on this Web site offer a wealth of information about how to make a special gift. More info

Increase Your Income and Leave a Legacy

As unlikely as it may seem, you can actually increase your available income by making a generous gift to Royal Lane Baptist Church. More Info

Danger: “Do-It-Yourself” Wills

“Do-it-yourself” wills are available everywhere with the promise of helping you sidestep unnecessary legal fees by showing you how to prepare legal documents yourself. That initial cost savings, however, can come at a huge price to you.

Six Steps to an Effective Estate Plan

Most people, if asked, can probably tell you within a few dollars how much is in their checking accounts. If you ask people about their net worth, however, many will respond with puzzled looks.