The Royal Welcome

The Royal Welcome Class is designed for visitors and new members. The class is a rotating, four-Sunday, class designed to better inform our visitors and new members as to who we are and what we are about at Royal Lane.

This brief outline shows the four Sundays and the topics to be discussed on each day. When there is a fifth Sunday, that day will be used for questions/answers and as a time
to get better acquainted.

First Sunday:

Being a Christian

Second Sunday:

Being a Baptist

Third Sunday:

Being at Royal Lane
A. Short History of Royal Lane
B. Vision for Royal Lane
C. Structure – Committees, Education, Decisions
D. Priorities – Worship, Study, Fellowship, Witness

Fourth Sunday:
Being Involved at Royal Lane
A. Being Involved – Led by Involved Members
B. Activities – Sunday School, WOC, Adult, Youth
Children, Care Groups, etc.