Laurence and Janet Schultz

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In 1979, Laurence moved to Dallas from our hometown in Michigan to attend SMU. RLBC had posted an employment ad in the Dallas Morning News for a  SMU student to work at the church. Laurence applied for this position and thus our union with RLBC began. After working at RLBC for a few weeks, Lane Smith invited Laurence to attend service and then to join the church. When Janet moved to Dallas, she also became a member of RLBC. On January 25th, 1980, we were wed at RLBC in a very “intimate” ceremony (Lane Smith, Associate Pastor of RLBC performed the ceremony with Cookie Stokes our sole witness and attendee). We attended Midweek Service and had the opportunity to fellowship and form a bond with our church family and some of those bonds remain today.  Gloria Jack was one of those who “adopted” us and RLBC became our family. We formed a special relationship with the children (the Bright girls, Blake and Garrett Vickrey, Holly Bohannan, Charlotte and Donna Sewell, Annie Young Fritsche, and many, many more) via Sunday School, Mission Friends, Nursery and Pre-school volunteering. In 1985 we relocated to Austin because of a career opportunity, then to Boise, Idaho (not on the way to anywhere)  and on to Orlando, Florida. We had remained in touch with RLBC through the Mosaic, Christmas cards and visits. Then in 2001, an opportunity arose to return to Dallas. We visited RLBC and were embraced with a Royal Homecoming, resulting in our reuniting with and renewing our membership at RLBC. (Not to mention that Ray Vickrey and Laurence had a challenge going as who would paint the steeple.)

No matter the distance, no matter the passing of time, God has kept us together, united in faith.

Your brother and sister in Christ,

Laurence and Janet

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