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Jonah and Paulette

I was born at Royal Lane. My mom and dad are members and my mom actually grew up at Royal Lane.  This makes me a third generation Royal Laner, or as Cookie Stokes says, “I am an official grandchild of the church.” I like the people at Royal Lane.  I’ve just recently joined the youth group at church and thus starts another exciting chapter of my life here. I have found people who care for kids and are not mean to us. People at Royal Lane treat others as they want to be treated. At Royal Lane, I have met people who have become extended members of my family like Aunt Lydia and Anna Marie and Bruce Lowe. There are people like Cookie Stokes Blake Miller, and Theresa Helms who help us learn the stories of Christ and how to pass the stories on to other people all over the world. At Royal Lane I am able to serve the church by praying and reading scripture in the worship service, being an active member of both the children and now youth departments, helping with donuts on Sunday morning, helping in the church garden, going on Mission Trip, and by participating in events like the Crop Walk for Hunger. When I think of Royal Lane, I think of thoughtful, giving people, all worshiping and serving Christ together.  Royal Lane feels like home.

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