Charlotte Sewell

October 1st, 2010 · No Comments

My parents were members of Royal Lane Baptist Church when I was born, and as a teenager I made the personal choice to join. I grew up at Royal Lane attending Sunday school, Vacation Bible School, missions trips, and summer youth camp. When I married my husband, Brian, in 1998, Royal Lane was the logical place to start that phase in our life together. When we began having children we wanted to get serious about attending church regularly so, again, we turned to Royal Lane.

Growing up at Royal Lane, I learned that being a Christian was about following the teachings and examples of Jesus more than anything else. I listened to sermons about hope, self-reflection, inspiration and forgiveness. But I also heard our ministers and teachers talk about doubt, confusion, and their own ongoing journeys of faith. Royal Lane gave me the freedom to question traditional teachings of the scripture and I was encouraged to ask questions, engage in spirited debates, and to think.

I realized at a young age that Royal Lane was different than other churches, and was certainly different than other Baptist churches. My friends seemed surprised by the messages of forgiveness, love, community, and openness I learned in my church. For many of my friends being Baptist meant being shamed, quieted, and hiding who they were. As a child watching women ordained into ministry, and serving as deacons, I learned that the opportunities to serve God were open to everyone. I was given the confidence to stand up for myself and for the teachings of Jesus.

Royal Lane feels like home. Brian and I love the traditional style of the worship services with the familiar hymns from our childhoods. But more importantly we appreciate that our church is filled with diverse and unique people who share a common desire to serve God through Jesus’ example and where all are welcome to do so. This is not a church filled with perfect people. This is a place for imperfect people to gather, care for one another, and to serve the community around us.

I believe Royal Lane is the best place for our children to learn and grow in their faith. Brian and I chose Royal Lane for our children. We want Grace, Emma, and Sadie to know that God’s love is available to all, and to have a place where they can truly learn to follow Jesus.

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