Berrier Family

June 21st, 2009 · No Comments


My side of the story starts with the first time I met my wife to be, Terry Sturch. At the time, I was selling furniture at Haverty’s, and she was teaching music in Highland Park.  Fast forward to several months later and Terry is telling everyone inside RLBC “I Will!” to the question, “Will you take JJ Berrier to be your husband?”  That question really meant, “Will you be a mom to JJ’s three children?”  Well that was my first miracle at Royal Lane Baptist Church. That pretty much clinched RLBC as my church for life!

The year before we met, Terry moved to Dallas from Seminole.  She didn’t have to search for a church because her brother Tom was already a member of Royal Lane.  Tom is married to Marilyn Whatley’s daughter, Beverly, and they (along with our 2 nephews) have been living in Tampa, Florida.

Twenty five years plus have past and I can share that RLBC is a wonderful place to raise a small family, and to teach children about the life of Jesus. Terry, Sean, Donovan, Felicia and I have many terrific memories that were created with friends at RLBC.  From time to time, we enjoy bringing our six grandsons for “show and tell” to Royal Lane.  Terry and I both feel that our lives have been blessed immeasurably by our association with Royal Lane Baptist Church.  God is working through His people in this place.

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