A Pastor’s Welcome

Welcome to the Royal Lane Baptist Church website. I am glad you have taken a few minutes out of your day to look around and learn more about this truly unique family of faith in Dallas. I am new to Royal Lane as you might be too. I hope you discover for yourself, like I have, the many reasons this church feels like home as you step through the doors and get to know our loving and genuine community. I’m convinced that Royal Lane is a place where you will want to remain.

The Gospel of John tells of the importance of our connection to Jesus and the positive presence we can have in the world as we journey together with God’s spirit. The word to describe this connection to Jesus and the world is “abide.” When we find passionate people who care about changing and improving our communities and cities, we want to remain with them and stay in their presence.

As the people of Royal Lane worship with music and art, we remain in the comfort of God; as we serve faithfully in Dallas, we remain in the power of the Spirit; and as we care for one another in hope and healing, we remain in the love of Christ. My desire is for you to feel the warm welcome of a radically inclusive church where you might eventually want to stay and abide. Come as you are and be known as you are.

Our website will only give you a glimpse of Royal Lane Baptist Church. To fully get to know us, I’d ask that you would join us for a worship service, a relaxed gathering, or a Sunday morning class in order to share time and abide with our wonderful folks. Explore the website, then come visit. We’d love to meet you, know you, and walk beside you as we journey together with Christ.